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New build: redefine booking system to direct online without revenue loss

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The Challenge

How can the Hotel owners reduce dependency on major travel agents for bookings and attract guests direct? 

The Hotel Aris owners promote its hospitality outlet to guests around the world through major holiday travel booking agencies.

These companies not only dominate the market they also control holiday package policies (all-inclusive) and charge high fees for their service.

In essence, these companies control an owner's business, turnover, cashflow and development. 

The brief, reduce dependency and take back more control over the business, its development and future. 

The Hotel

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Our Objectives

Improve search engine rankings

Guarantee a smooth transition

Integrate an online booking engine & business app

Expand reach and awareness of facilities

Optimising for search engines and a step-by-step approach to attract guests

We reviewed the current online status of the hotel then built a strategic action plan to improve profitability and online visibility.

Our first step involved designing a completely new responsive user & mobile friendly growth-driven website with HD images and dynamic content. The whole design concept was aimed at attracting, engaging and satisfying the consumer.

The Wix hotels booking engine application was installed along with Ascend for business to attract consumers to the benefits of direct online booking and to automate work tasks. these will be constantly monitored over the season to not only assess performance but gather guest data to build a customer database for future promotional offers and e-mail campaigns.


The current site URL was retained and applied to the new site then listed with google my business and local directories to increase reach out and awareness. Social media accounts were set-up and an Aris blog initiated.

Keyword phrases research was undertaken for both the listings and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to test the effectiveness against ranking results.


To formalise a smooth transition from the existing booking system it was agreed to run both systems in parallel for one season to monitor the impact on the business.  


Finally, we utilised our extensive business and marketing skills to work through Aris Hotel's customer services, preferred customer profile, guest travel arrangements, branding and the negative reviews accumulating with the major booking agents.   

The Solutions

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