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Discover The X Factor  & Design Power

Editor X is the latest addition in the powerful lineup of Wix website creation tools. Offering personalised customisation of website design, Editor X responsive design system puts real power of web development in your imagination control. 

Absolute Precision Design

Editor X comes with 3 set breakpoints according to the most common screen sizes but you can add your own custom breakpoints.

Get absolute design control with custom breakpoints. Rearrange your layouts, choose what to show or hide, and tailor the styling at every viewport size.

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Fixed Fluid & Scale Elements

Decide how each element behaves in relation to its environment with docking, stacking and scaling. Work with different units of measure to create the look you want across all devices.

Choose how each element behaves as your screen resizes. Set a fixed or fluid size, or set your images and text to scale proportionally with the viewport.

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Design Using A Grid Framework

Design on a 2-dimensional framework to create incredible responsive experiences. You can edit the structure of your grid at any breakpoint.

Define the position and behavior of every element at any breakpoint to create extremely responsive experiences.

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The Ease Of Flexbox Technology

Let your content automatically adjust to every screen without even thinking about breakpoints.

Use the resizing handles at the sides of your canvas to view and design your site at any viewport width.

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