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The Company

funkyhous is a start-up founded by the owner who specialises in creating unique products by re-cycling unwanted goods and waste materials..

The Challenge

The new website design should reflect the owner's character in a funky style with vibrant colours. To launch this start-up business it was agreed to promote initially through social media channels Instagram and Pinterest to raise awareness for upcycling and remodeling techniques, to old furniture and unwanted materials.

Initial online research revealed some players who in the main were DIY hobby enthusiasts. working from home

The Opportunities

A niche market opportunity exists for recycled products appealing to a more discerning audience who championed recycling and funky furniture styling against a more traditional approach to purchasing goods for the home environment or personal use. 

Implementation of the Solution

The Upcycling Programme

The strategy is to design and create new concepts from old or unwanted items by applying modern ideas and finishes giving items a new look and feel, for example, an unwanted cable reel turned into a coffee table.  The new website also includes a bespoke design service page to encourage potential customers to submit their ideas for manufacture.

.The online store is linked to the companies Instagram account to attract additional sales.  


Growth-Driven Design Launch & improve over time


Create a logo and company identity for funkyhous furniture products   


Define customer persona and preferred market segments

Colour Scheme

Type monochrome

Font Pairing

Heading, Eater Regular

Sub: Oswald

Website Personalisation

Powerful Overlays

Website personalisation includes custom modal opt-in overlays for visitor sign -up, and personalised incentives added to relevant pages, providing a uniformed experience for all visitors on the site. The site is optimised for user experience, visitor interaction and search engines. (SEO)


GDPR Compliance

Data Gathering

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.  

All data gathering mediums on this website comply with the GDPR.

Dynamic Content

Accelerated development of web applications

Online Store

Wix code to some elements

SEO optimised 

Accessible web design 

Optimised for Mobile

Growth-driven design

Google analytics installed

Media channels connected

Language translator

User friendly layout

The Benefits

  • Online store 

  • Customised design service 

  • Automated workflow 

  • Company blog

  • GDPR Compliant forms

  • Optimised for SEO & mobile

  • Promotional marketing tools  

  • Google my business registered, monitoring & analytics of visitor activity

  • Store connected to Instagram

  • Site Language translator installed

  • Accessible website

Thank you

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